Wheaton Brasil awarded at WorldStar 2008 and 2009

The award sponsored by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) promotes the disclosure of packaging technological improvement, and the creation of an international standard of excellence regarding the quality and production involved.

Standing out as one of the best global packaging suppliers, Wheaton received the prize in the Health & Beauty category due to its package of the Linked product, manufactured by O Boticário.

The Linked bottle was inspired by the appealing iPods, Mp3 and cell phone designs, connecting 3 key issues: the youngster, technology and music. With an exclusive and distinct design, created by Art Office Design, the product package brings innovation to the Brazilian market by presenting the soft touch painting, a rubber coated texture which emanates a sensorial perception and the complete meaning of the product’s concept.

Apart from Linked, Wheaton Brasil also produces the bottles for Natura’s “Amor América” line – another awarded product at WorldStar 2008.

The packages of the perfumes which make up the line, were developed by designer Filomena Padrón together with “Design com Z”, exploring the colors, forms and textures referring to the pots and jars indigenous to the people of the Americas. Joining tradition and design, the frosting of the glass gives a velvety touch to the flask, expressing the Latin American integration and bio-diversity.

In 2009, Wheaton Brasil received another WorldStar award in the Health & Beauty category due to its packages of the Color Scents perfumes, manufactured by Avon – Fire me Up, Make me Wonder and Make me Smile.

With the challenge of creating a differentiated line of fragrances for youngsters who love buying and collecting perfumes, Eric Lee, an exclusive Avon designer established in New York, developed modern, colorful and attractive packages, wich instigate different sensations and attitudes. The chosen colors are associated to youngsters’ most intense feelings, affecting their humor and causing astonishing reactions.