Because of its commitment with the environment, and in order to encourage the recycling of glass, Wheaton Brazil launched the project of reverse logistics of this material, named “Atitude Que Vale Mais”.


With the slogan “Recycling glass makes a difference”, the program seeks to encourage the customers to dispose correctly glass from perfume and cosmetics packaging, medicine bottles, food jars, bottles and glasswares.


The items above should be brought to Nossa Lojinha Wheaton, where they will be weight and generate a voucher according to the weight of the glass brought (each 1kg of glass is equivalent to R$ 0,10 in bonus). After accumulating the required value, the customers can redeem them for products in Nossa Lojinha of equal or lesser value. In case of exchange for products of lesser value, the customer will be issued a new coupon in the value of the residual balance.


The glass should be left clean, without caps or plastic accessories, metal, stone, ceramics, labels, etc.. Besides, it will not be accepted glass from broken mirrors, flat glass (such as residential windows and cars), crystals, lamps and TV tubes.



- Receipt of the material: Mondays to Fridays, from 10 am to 4:30 pm, in Nossa Lojinha

- Adress: Avenida Álvaro Guimarães, 2.502 – Bairro Assunção – São Bernardo do Campo – SP

- Phone: (55 11) 4355-1990 / 4355-1117