On October 18, the 30 winners of the PackagingBrand Prize – 2011 Great Packaging Cases were announced at the Convention Center of the Senac University, in São Paulo.

Wheaton Brasil stood out by receiving 4 trophies of the PackagingBrand Prize, obtained through the following success cases: Anni of O Boticário, Roll-on Colognes of O Boticário, Chocolate Dark and Chocolate White of L’Acqua di Fiori and Korres Line of Johnson & Johnson.

Get to know more about each one of them below.

Anni – O Boticário
The priority in the decoration of the glass bottle of this women’s cologne resulted in innovation and saving. The design strengthens the magnifying effect of the bottom, decorated by a decal casted to the glass. The format allows future collections to have totally different personalities with a simple decal change. One notes the stability relief of the flask’s bottom, in which the decoration is hundredths of millimeters from the floor, being therefore protected from friction.
In basic format, without the use of knives and special material, the look of the cartridge is enhanced by drawings, handwritten texts, hot stamping, relief, textured varnishes and shine.

Roll-on Colognes – O Boticário
This women’s cologne packaging, portable in purses, translates into the opportunity for market and sales channels enlargement. These are 10 milliliters glass flasks with a roll-on applier. The adoption of these called for the development of a reduced size sphere which would not loosen, would not lock and not deform with use. Wheaton Brasil had to adjust the ending to the size of the sphere. This is another technological feat, as the tiny diameter and little height of the packaging hampered the entry of the glass batch into its mould.

Chocolate Dark and Chocolate White – L’cqua di Fiori
The Sexy Chocolate perfume line plays with the senses. Apart from the scent and taste brought on by the fragrance, it explores the touch with the soft touch painting of the flasks and with the contrasts of the varnishes on the cartridge.
The sight is stimulated by the packaging format and by the colors inspired on chocolates. The hearing – by the sound of the clip and of the metal pendant coupled to the valve. The investment in these items was made possible by the saving obtained with the use of a standard flask, strategy which guaranteed a quicker response to the market.

Linha Korres – Johnson & Johnson
With visual daring and plenty of information on the flasks, the Korres brand arrived in Brazil through Johnson & Johnson. Painted glass packaging was developed for the fragrances, with details in silkscreen. The tops, made of two pieces, are exclusivity. The cartridges are differentiated by the “origami” opening.

The PackagingBrand Prize – Great Packaging Cases seeks to encourage and value the search for excellence in Brazilian packaging, awarding those which stand out through the optimization of the collection of their items or, singly, one or more which weigh decisively in obtaining positive results for the user company and for the end consumer.

The packaging was analyzed from the viewpoint of the benefits generated to the user industry, suppliers, end consumers and environment, taking into consideration the reduction in material and costs, productivity, innovation, added value, design and environmental impact.